Monday, 14 November 2011

Reveal the Veal! (or something equally cheesy...)

I had veal for the first time this weekend. I bought it from a responsible supplier at the Masterchef Live show (more on that later) and that was the only reason I broke my promise to avoid eating it.

I roasted it quickly and in a not-too-hot oven, about 170 degrees without the fan on. That would dry it out. It was topside so needed to be rare as I hate dry meat and don't like gravy that much. And I could eat a piece of meat still twitching!

I read that it needed to be rested for some time, so gave it as long as I could before I was too scared it would be cold - 20 minutes. It was a little tricky to slice, but much easier than it would have been if I hadn't rested it. Resting tip - cover it in foil tightly and then lay a tea towel over the top. Keeps even more heat in.

My verdict - it was nice, but I'm not sure it's worth the extra cost and I'd probably prefer to eat older cows who have had a nice life (don't worry, that isn't me swaying towards vegetarianism).

Scouser's verdict - he loved it. So watch this space for more poor veal puns.
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