Monday, 14 November 2011

Masterchef Live & The Wine Show

I went to Masterchef Live, which incorporated The Wine Show, with my family on Friday 11th November as we got some cheap tickets through one of those voucher sites. We were all a bit dubious, but having just come back from 11 long days of work and not much fun, I needed to do something fun that would keep me from sleeping all day.

I don't wish to bore you endlessly so here are my points about the whole thing...

  • The oysters from the east coast were amazing. I will be doing a mail order in the future (when I've saved up)
  • John the wine man - he tried his hardest, sweated through the whole thing, but we didn't buy any wine from him as the minimum was 12 bottles. Can you honestly tell me that there's enough people attending these events to spend 240 quid to make it worth this company's while to buy a large stand? I work in events and I know these stands aren't cheap. Sorry John, I did like the Pinot Noir. 
  • Jesus meat - my dad bought some dried meat called Jesus, because the shape of this salami-type meat is like Jesus wrapped in swaddling. Hmmm... Anyway it was lovely, but expensive. My brother and I went for the less expensive versions. We're still enjoying them!
  • Bloody Marys - I love a good bloody mary (not too spicy) and my dad bought a bottle of this amazing mix made from all kinds of juicy stuff, like vodka (no brainer), balsamic vinegar, spices and it was lovely. It will definitely be making an appearance this Christmas!
  • All the wine - by the time, we got around the wine show it was all a bit bewildering...I do know that Marks & Spencer have some great wines and I think I will be splashing out on their delights more often. 
Would I go back? Yes, if the ticket was 11 pounds next year. And I had a little bit more cash to splash. 
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