Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Cookbooks

I've added some new cookbooks to my collection recently, but have had no time to read them, let alone start cooking properly...

  • Jamie Does...: Another treat from Jamie Oliver. Accompanying his TV show where he travelled through various countries - Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco - it showcases some amazing recipes with the usual Jamie slant. Most of the recipes look relatively easy and definitely things we'd eat in the House of Barchester. After a quick flick, the faves on the list are Calamari (I bought some squid on a recent trip to Weymouth) and the Steak Tartare. 
  • Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey: Having recently enjoyed cooking Thai Green Curry, I thought we should branch out at the Barchester and try some different things. The food has so many ingredients, I'm not sure where I'd start but there's loads of interesting noodle soups and though I'm sure this food isn't necessarily meant to be eaten in Winter, they will keep us warm in our single-glazed box when it starts snowing
  • Appetite (Nigel Slater): Having watched ol' Nige on the TV with his highly annoying yet somehow addictive voice, I came to love his food and especially how he cooks. This book is more of an encyclopedia rather than a recipe book. Every seemingly simple recipe has bullet points on how to mix it up and add to it. It's an amazing book and will definitely become a big favourite of mine. Just need to find the time to spend reading it and learning it...Why wasn't I so interested in 'revising' at school?
I'll keep you updated my achievements and failures. This weekend, I'm cooking a duck crown - a first for me. I've seen a recipe online about cooking some honey down with water and spreading it over the skin to crisp it up. I quite like duck on it's own but The Scouser will want some sauce - perhaps I'll try Nige's gravy recipe... 
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