Thursday, 20 September 2012

Yes to Yashin

Last week I visited Yashin sushi in Kensington for my mum's birthday. It's a family tradition that we all meet up for dinner or lunch on our birthdays (especially important now we never see each other). The Scouser doesn't like too much raw fish, but this place has a different approach to sushi. The first one being 'no soy sauce'. I know, I thought it was a bit odd - but we definitely didn't miss it in the end.

As the chefs prepare the food at the bar, the welcome is very enthusiastic. The Scouser nearly fell through the door as everyone shouted something that must be similar to 'welcome' in Japanese.

We ordered our starters and there was so much I wanted, including oysters. Despite my love of the oysters, I went for soft shell crab - another big favourite. It was amazing and I think I won the best starter. Dad was making very happy noises over his tuna with truffle, but it was a little vinegary for me.

Soft Shell Crab

Tuna with Truffle


Mum got a little special happy birthday plate and was suitably embarrassed as the whole place (including the chefs) sang happy birthday. She's a little bit shy - it doesn't run in the family.

What better way to say Happy Birthday than with scallops?

Onto main course, where we all had eight pieces of nigiri with a different fish on each. Now having had a glass or two of wine by this point, I can't remember each fish - safe to say, they were all really tasty. Some more fishy than others, and the crunchy roll topped with tuna was my faraway favourite (it's the top left in the picture below).

Mum was also a little intoxicated by this point - Dad apparently couldn't refuse her demand for pre-dinner cocktails - and so we ordered some sashimi, her 'favourite', she said. Well, when it came it was very impressive. And it certainly matched that in taste. All of the sushi was so fresh and more interestingly presented and created than normal sushi restaurants.

I absolutely love sashimi and could eat it all day long but mum wasn't so sure - this may have been more to do with the wine than the sushi...

I am not sure this is better than Dinings (here if you don't know about it) but I think they've changed their menu since I last went. Japanese tapas? Stick to what you do best I say. Unfortunately The Scouser still isn't totally converted to the sushi way of life but I will always love the slivers of fish and their pillows of rice.

You can find Yashin here -
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