Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Why, hello there

Here we go then, my food blog. I'm obsessed with food - eating it, talking about it, spending too much money on it and enjoying it as much as possible. I blame my mother for this, she's an amazing cook and both of my parents had me eating all kinds at a very young age. My dad force-fed me oysters once, which I now LOVE.

I love to cook at home - much to The Scouser's delight (my boyfriend) - and have been known to spend the whole day preparing a feast.

I'm planning to write about what I cook at home, what I buy from the supermarket / markets / farm shops / butchers, what I eat when I go out and ideas for future culinary successes or disasters.

I'll post some pictures too, as long as I can stop The Scouser eating it all first.
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