Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tonight's Dinner

This evening I'm cooking venison sausages. I haven't had them before, but they looked amazing on the shelf. I do love sausages - I never used to as a young 'un. Now I always keep loads of packs in the freezer, especially as The Scouser likes a sausage and bacon butty for breakfast.

I'm also making mashed potato - a proper fave of mine - and will be adding spring onions at The Scouser's request to make it 'more interesting'. I have a potato ricer, which is absolutely fabbo for making smooth mash. Imagine the play-doh machines you played with as a child. I use loads of butter - proper butter - and olive oil too.

Final ingredients tonight are red onion marmalade and mustard.

You may now be realising that we aren't that healthy in the Barchester Kitchen!
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