Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Perfect Steak & its place in The Manwich

Everyone who knows me knows that I love steak. In fact, all red meat is probably my food of choice. Apart from cheese. Cheese and steak - I would hate to think of my cholesterol. Recently, I found out I was deficient in vitamin B12 which isn't present in many foods, apart from red meat which has loads of it. Despite my love of the red stuff, I have to have a little injection to keep me topped up every three months. When the doctor asked me if I was vegetarian, you can imagine my reaction. I must be the least vegetarian person in the world.

If there is a steak on the menu, you can be sure I will order it. I have to physically stop myself doing this. At Barbecoa earlier this year, The Scouser and I had the best steak I've probably ever had (and coincidentally, the best table in the restaurant - the service was amazing. Don't listen to the people who slate it). On a par with that would be Gaucho. I'm yet to go to Hawksmoor, but it's on the list, amongst at least 20 other restaurants.

I recently read an article on The Perfect Steak, courtesy of the Ginger Pig (whose cookbook I want too). I realised how I hadn't tried so many of the different steaks in that article, so I'm going to start. I think my butchers could supply with everything there. Then it's just the cooking to worry about. Maybe I'll have to invest in this meat lover's cookbook after all...what a shame.

Normally I favour the ribeye. When it's a good cut, it's so tasty and stays juicy. Although when you eat it like I do, it's barely stopped moving let alone lost it's juiciness. I have managed to bring The Scouser into this way of thinking too, not entirely kicking and screaming... But a sirloin can be lovely too. Especially when it's featuring in The Manwich.

This is a discovery I have made on a blog I've become a little more than obsessed with - The Londoner. Rose blogs about all kinds, but she has some amazing recipes (need I remind you of the Slutty Brownies?) Having spent more hours than I'd care to admit browsing through her blog, I stumbled across something I knew I would love by the name alone - The Manwich. It's got two types of cheese, loads of steak and a nice carb-overload. Are you salivating already?

It's simple. You need the above (chips are for the more greedy amongst us - we had been decorating all day. That's our excuse and we're sticking to it). Plus mustard and cheddar cheese. Have a look at Rose's picture and her ingredients list, she's much more organised with her photography and instructions. The bread is important here, you need it to be big and thick. You'll need a griddle pan too, for those nice grill lines on the steak.

Get everything ready - the steak cooks fast, and you need to shove it in your gob asap once it's ready. While I was waiting for the pan to heat up (because it needs to be SMOKING hot), I cut the bread up and laid it in the pan to toast it a little. So grate your cheese, get everything opened up, plates out (it's all going a bit Jamie Oliver 30 Minute Meals isn't it? This is easier. promise).

Once the steaks are cooked, get them out and let them rest. I find this so hard because I just want to eat the steak right there and then but no you must wait like an impatient child on Christmas morning. When you can wait no more, slice it up like so...

Quickly layer up as much steak as you want, or until The Manwich can take no more, and sprinkle cheese over the top. Get the top piece of bread and squash it all down and tuck in quickly. My mouth was watering at this point, but I managed to hold back to get a picture of my beloved Manwich. The Scouser said it was the best sandwich he'd ever eaten. And he eats a lot of sandwiches. Just not many Manwiches.

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