Thursday, 2 August 2012

BBQ'd Burgers at The Barchester

You may realise that I'm a little obsessed with burgers. I love them and I can't really explain why - cheesy meaty sloppy goodness and a frequent hangover cure of choice. I've been to Meat Market and Meat Liquor, as well as Honest in Brixton who all peddle some amazing burgers that I would highly recommend.

Making burgers at home is never the same, but I always give it a go. The best way to cook those bad boys is on a BBQ - just a shame the weather means that sometimes you have to cook under an umbrella.

I get a load of mince - 500g will make two massive burgers, or three reasonably sized ones. Squidge it all up in a bowl and add whatever you fancy. I add loads of garlic, sometimes some herbs and spice, definitely plenty of seasoning and an egg too - to make it all stick together. Mix it up, with a fork if you need to squash it, and then make a round ball of mincey mix for each burger. They will shrink a little when you cook them, and try and pack them tight so they don't fall apart.

Dab a bit of olive oil on each side so they don't stick to the BBQ when you are cooking them, then turn them only once. Leave them on the grill for 5-10 minutes before you turn them. A burger is best with a crispy outside and a juicy inside.

Slap some cheese on top of the burger - my choice is those lovely little cheese slices that look bright orange and probably aren't cheese at all. But you can have whatever you like - The Scouse has been enjoying some 'Mexican' cheese that seems to be cheddar with jalapenos in...

Making your own burgers is fair more satisfying than buying those horrid burgers from the BBQ aisle at the supermarket. And easy and cheaper!

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  1. Small world I used to live in barchester when I was at Brunel!