Friday, 16 September 2011

Not Enough Food...Too Much Working

I haven't been very good at this blogging lark so far have I? I haven't even had time to make that Goat's Cheese Salad I posted about. Unfortunately my work means I have to go away for a week running events sometimes, and it's crazy season. Crew catering has me running for the hills - straight back to work.

So last weekend we headed to Ross-On-Wye for my mum's birthday - we surprised her, hence the secrecy in the last blog. The food in that area is fantastic - the cheese is unbelievable and as such a massive cheese lover, I'm in heaven. If you can get hold of some Hereford Hop, have it on some crackers - it's like cheddar, but creamier and softer. We also get a ham hock - a piece of ham, cooked on the bone, that is incredibly tasty but costs between 1-2 pounds. So much nicer than buying sliced ham in a packet and MUCH cheaper.

We also visited the Bridge at Wilton, a restaurant I'm sure will get some kind of Michelin star recognition soon. Or at least the chef will. I had scallops with squid ink risotto and then fillet of beef that had been rolled in ash and cooked in hay, one of the best meals I've had for some time.

Tonight, to make up for my week of mass catering, I will be enjoying some oysters followed by a big juicy steak. The Scouser will be joining me on the steak, he's not quite ready for oysters since I described them as 'squashed, salty eyeballs'.

We'll be having some family time this weekend, my parents are hosting a large family party and my mum will be cooking. She's already told me she has some exciting things for everyone - I will never beat her cooking.
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