Thursday, 19 July 2012

Holy Shucks Batman

I heard on the technological grapevine named Twitter of a new pop up on Portobello Road serving oysters and Prosecco (amongst other alcoholic delights) called 'The Mother Shuckers' (what a name). I love Portbello Road, even though it's rammed with tourists and it takes about an hour to walk the length of it. There is so much to see and spend your cash on - antiques, food, fruit and veggies, all manor of crazy things like coconut water from an actual coconut for £4.

Anyway I digress. I was meeting friends on Saturday and so I roped one of my follow oyster lovers (few and far between) into coming with me, with the promise of Prosecco - she's addicted to the stuff and so not much roping required. I had been tweeting @holyshuck already and with my excitement piqued, we battled through the torrential rain and meandering tourists to The Muse Gallery. Little note - go to Ladbroke Grove tube station as it's much closer than Notting Hill Gate - this does mean that you miss the fun of the fair...

Firstly I must say the gallery is amazing. It's owned by one of the Mother Shucker's family members and the artwork was fabulous. As it was pouring with rain, we took up a little spot inside and the Mother Shuckers Melissa & Theresa brought us all manor of treats.

We started with six oysters, with their three main accompaniments - Tabasco & lemon, shallots and red wine vinegar (my favourite) and wasabi & home-pickled ginger by the Mother Shuckers themselves (a close second!).

These were some of the best oysters I've ever had - each one tasted different. Some were creamy, some more salty than others. And the accompaniments were perfect too.

We enjoyed a couple of glasses of Prosecco, a Bloody Mary (always a must for me) with the horseradish infused vodka, and a rather adventurous shot - sake, with spring onion and habanero chilli and a whole oyster. The sake was amazing and it was an experience! Not for the faint hearted.


I guess that you may be able to tell by the tone of this blog entry that I absolutely loved this pop up. We ended up having 18 oysters, not including the one in my drink, and considering how expensive oysters can be, it was very reasonable. I think the Mother Shuckers actually undercharged us so I will without doubt return to buy them both a drink - or maybe some oysters?

If you love oysters, or maybe you're an oyster virgin and this has intrigued you, get down to see them - they will ease you into oyster-lovin' gently, I promise.

The Important Stuff: The Mother Shuckers are at The Muse Gallery every Saturday in July from 1pm. The nearest tube stations are Ladbroke Grove (for ease) or Notting Hill Gate (for a nice walk through Portobello Market). They're having a break in August but will be back in September. Follow them on Twitter @holyshuck for more details. They will also come along and shuck away at your events, you can email them for more details here:
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  1. Love it! Not so sure about oysters though. I've only had them once and almost threw it back up. It's definitely hard to swallow lol. Defo intrigued by a spicy version as I love the spice.

    OH and you cannot go wrong with a bloody mary. my mouth is actually watering.


  2. I was never much into Oysters until I boshed six consecutively at the M-Shuckers. They are high in protein and zinc and for a normally malnourished individual perked me up nicely.
    Tasty too with a soy and ginger twist and or wasabi punch to them. I walked away buzzing and for less than a session at the corner shops.
    I have made this a stop every Saturday this month...

  3. thanks for the comments guys!

    Terri - if you're in the area, pop down and give one a try. if you hated it the first time, i would say maybe it was a skanky one? these are amazing quality and they will look after you (with alcohol!)

    Alboforce - very jealous you have been so often! wish i could go every weekend. they are actually very high in b12, which I'm deficient in, and that vitamin is very important for maintaining energy and avoiding tiredness/fatigue. Amazing for a little hangover!