Monday, 2 April 2012

Noccellara del Belice Olives

Another obsession - these olives are unbelievably amazing. The best olives I've eaten, and that's quite something. The colour is a vibrant green and the only way I can describe them is 'meaty'. They have such strong, juicy flavour, I order them wherever I see them!

They sell them at Jamie's Italian - named the best olives in the world, I think. You don't get many, but they are probably the best I've tried in a restaurant.

They also offer them in Zizzi's and Carluccio's now - they aren't on the menu by the name above. I believe Zizzi's call them 'Goddess Olives'. Not an exaggeration!

I have bought some from a tiny deli in Brixton (where my brother lives, seemingly an unexpected wealth of foody experiences!) and they weren't too expensive. I ate them all in one sitting.

I've searched online and every offering of these beauts seems to be wildly expensive, with high shipping costs. If anyone reading this knows where I can get them, please do get in touch via Twitter (@Jenbo36). I will give you a mention on my widely-read, highly regarded blog.
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